Expert Witness Testimony

Looking for a specialized, non-conflicted expert witness? Our testimony is basis on vehicle valuation only.

A few of the more common needs for an expert witness to render an opinion in regards to vehicle values are:

• Establish a fair Market Value (FMV) or Actual Cash Value (ACV)
• Determine an accurate Diminishment In Value
• Aid in divorce property settlement  
• Satisfy estate settlement claim
• Validate an insurance loss claim 
• Court/Mediation/Arbitration disputes
• Corporate bankruptcy in federal court
• Numerous personal bankruptcies
• Repair quality
• Dealer misrepresentation
• Salvage title

I have been called upon numerous times to be a Mediator and Arbitrator for insurance and legal disputes.

On the stand testimony can be very intimidating to most people, and opposition attorneys play on that fear. I am confident and relaxed on the stand and cannot be tricked or confused. Years of experience enable me to respond to the questions without stress. I have the ability to explain complicated cases in simple terms, easily understood by the judge or jury. My testimony has been the deciding factor in most of my cases.